Journal of Wood Science 第63巻 第5号

タイトル Journal of Wood Science 第63巻 第5号
管理番号 製材-00553
ジャンル 外国
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著者名 一般社団法人 日本木材学会
発行 一般社団法人 日本木材学会
発行日 2017-10-25
定価(税抜) -
ページ数 139


  2. Tree growth stress and related problems
  4. Current state and development trend of Chinese funiture industry
  5. Influence of welded depth and CuCl2 pretreated dowels on wood dowel welding
  6. Application of time-temperature superposition principle to Chinese fir orthotropic creep
  7. The effects of various lignocelluloses and lignins on physiological responses of lower termite,Ceptotermes formosanus
  8. Effects of peeling and steram-heating treatment on basic properties of two types of bamboo clums(Phyllostachys makinoi and Phyllostachys pubescenes)
  9. Erratum
  10. Functional evaluation of horse chestnut seed and its application in the production of compounded paper of effective utilization of untapped resource
  11. Effect of accelerated aging treatment on a surface property and dynamic mechanical properties of commercial wood-based panels
  12. Nondestructive evaluation of egg-to-adult development and feeding behavior of the bamboo powderpost beetle Dinoderus minutus using X-ray computed tomography
  13. Resistance of mechanically densified and thermally post-treated pine sapwood to wood decay fungi
  14. Comparative study on measurement of elastic constants of wood-based panels using modal testing:choice of boundary conditions and calculation methods
  15. Socioeconomic factors infuluencing grobal paper and paperboard demand