Journal of Wood Science 第63巻 第3号

タイトル Journal of Wood Science 第63巻 第3号
管理番号 製材-00547
ジャンル 外国
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著者名 一般社団法人 日本木材学会
発行 一般社団法人 日本木材学会
発行日 2017-07-25
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ページ数 113


  2. Sequencing and quantifying plastid DNA fragments stored in sapwood and heartwood of Torreya nucifera
  3. Studies on pre-treatment by compression for wood drying 3:the reduction of moisture content,the recovery rate,and mechanical properties of wood compressed at different moisture content conditions
  4. Mechanics and pyrolysis analyses of rotation welding with pretreated wood dowels Influence of moisture content on estimating Young's modulus of full-scale timber using stress wave velocity
  5. A static analysis of two-shaft columns spaced by gussets
  6. Effect of wood spiecies,digester conditions,and defibrator disc distance on wettability of fiberboad
  7. Effects of climate change on reduction of internal bond strength of particleboard subjected to various climatic conditions in Japan
  8. Solute diffusion into cell walls in solution-impregnated wood under conditioning process 3:effect of relative humidity schedule on diffusion into cell walls
  9. Surface free energy and dynamic wettability of wood simultaneously treated with acidic dye and flame retardant
  10. Behavioural analysis of nonionic detergent in the kraft pulp washing process using cyro-time-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry and cryo-scanning electron microscopy
  11. Characterization and photodegradation mechanism of three Algetian wood species
  12. Gas-phase pyrolysis of methyl glucosides and levoglucosan
  13. NOTE
  14. Relationship between tree size and reaction wood formation in 23 Japanese angiosperms