Journal of Wood Science(Volume58 Number3 2012)pp185-280

タイトル Journal of Wood Science(Volume58 Number3 2012)pp185-280
管理番号 製材-00510
ジャンル 外国
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著者名 一般社団法人 日本木材学会
発行 一般社団法人 日本木材学会
発行日 2012-06-25
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ページ数 95


  2. Radial variations in the anatomical characteristics and density of the wood of Acacia mangium of five different provenances in Indonesia
  3. Microfibril angle and density of hinoki(Chamaecyparis obtusa) trees in 15 half-sib families in a progeny test stand in Kyushu,Japan
  4. Comparison analysis of nonlinear segmentation methods for selected wood featuresin sugar maple
  5. Fixed-fixed flexural vibrartion testing method of actual-size bars for timber guardrails
  6. Development of an air-injection press for preventing blowout of particleboard(3):effects of pressing temperature on board performance
  7. Morphological changes in sugi(Cryptomeria japonica) wood after treatment with the ionic liquid,1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride
  8. Mutagenesis,heterogenesis gene expression,and purification and amino acid subsitution analyses of plant peroxidase,PexA3a
  9. Progress of axidation of non-phenolic lignin moiety in an oxygen bleaching process via the conversion of non-phenolic lignin moiety
  10. The importance of debarking in mitigating the leaching of pollutants from common Swedish tree species submerged in water
  11. NOTES
  12. Surface-check variation in boxed-heart square timber of sugi(Cryptomeria japonica) cultivars dried by conventional kiln drying
  13. Non-destructive evaluation of surface longitudinal growth strain on Sugi(Cryptomeria japonica) green logs using near-infrared spectroscopy
  14. Sound absorption capability and mechanical properties of a composite rice hull and sawdust board